Marriage is a magical moment that unites two souls in one bond of eternity. Marriage not only binds two souls, but also binds two families closer with a special bond.  

Uniting the bond of two souls works like a special magic on those who depend on the promise to each other to be together forever. A special magic that is able to bind two happy people in a momentum that will always be something special to remember.

With all the love and affection contained in the pledge of allegiance, it will be an unforgettable moment for a lifetime. The purity of the promise will be the impetus to take care of each other, and all who are bound by the sacred promise will be given strength by a noble bond that keeps love in it.

Is this true love? Yes, this is true love, real love that keeps promises to each other. keeping the promise to always be together in every circumstance, going through the storm together and heading to eternal happiness together forever. Until in the end, only time can answer all the prayers contained in the sacred promise to always be together.
Wedding is something magical.
Wedding always bring happines to all. 
With marriage, humans can complement each other with their respective strengths.
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