In the radiant glow of the setting sun, Two souls entwine, a journey begun. In the embrace of love's sweet grace, They stand together in this sacred place.

Hand in hand, they vow to be, Each other's rock, eternally. Through life's adventures, they'll explore, With love as their guide, forevermore.

A love so pure, like blooms in spring, Their hearts take flight, and angels sing. With every kiss, their spirits soar, A love like this, they can't ignore.

In laughter and tears, they find their way, Through every night and sunny day. Their love's a beacon, a guiding light, As they dance together, through the night.

With joyous hearts and gleaming eyes, They pledge their love, under the skies. Family and friends, witness the sight, As they promise to love, to cherish, and to unite.
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