In a garden of dreams, two hearts unite, Under the moon's soft glow, love takes flight. Hand in hand, they step into the light, Embarking on a journey, oh, so bright.

With every vow spoken, a promise made, To stand by each other, come what may. Through laughter and tears, they'll find their way, Bound by love's eternal sway.

As they dance through life's winding road, Together they'll carry each other's load. With love as their compass, their hearts will explode, In this timeless tale of love's abode.

And so they embark on this new phase, With hope in their hearts, and love's sweet embrace. Forever bound, they take this leap, Together in love, their souls run deep.

As they step into the unknown, With love and trust, they've sown, A love that's destined to endure, In each other's arms, they're forever secure.

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