In the moments before vows are said, Anticipation's whispers spread. Two hearts, entwined in love's embrace, Embark on this prewedding grace.

With smiles that hide excited hearts, And dreams that spark like shooting stars, You stand on the cusp of a brand-new day, As love's symphony prepares to play.

As you step into a future unknown, May your bond and affection only grow. In these prewedding hours, love will bloom, A prelude to a life shared in the bridal room.

Before the vows are exchanged so true, In these prewedding moments, hearts renew. The journey ahead, a path unknown, Yet love's light guides, as seeds are sown.

In laughter and stories shared with glee, Two souls prepare for their destiny. Each glance, each touch, a silent pledge, As you edge closer to the wedding's edge.

In this prelude of love, you stand, Hand in hand, united, grand. May the joy you feel now never fade, As you step into love's serenade.
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