On this day of cherished union, Two hearts declare their love's communion. In rings exchanged and vows spoken true, Begins a journey for both of you.

With promises made and joyous tears, Love's tapestry woven through the years. Hand in hand, you'll face life's quest, Together, you'll be forever blessed.

May your love shine bright as the sun, A lifelong journey, two souls as one. In love's embrace, you'll always find, Eternity's vow, forever entwined.

In the presence of friends and kin, A new chapter of love begins. Two lives entwined, two hearts aligned, A promise of forever, you've both signed.

Through laughter, tears, and memories shared, Love's flame grows stronger, never impaired. With every sunrise and every moon, Your love will blossom, like flowers in June.

May your days be filled with love's sweet grace, As you navigate life's endless space. Hand in hand, you'll forge your way, Guided by love, come what may.
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