In the tapestry of life, a love so rare, Two hearts collide, a perfect pair. Like stars that twinkle in the night, Their love illuminates, pure and bright.

With every heartbeat, their souls entwine, A love so deep, divine and fine. In each other's arms, they find solace and ease, A love that brings them to their knees.

A love that's timeless, forever true, Through storms and sunshine, they'll pull through. In each other's gaze, a world they see, A love that's boundless, wild and free.

Hand in hand, they'll face the tide, In love's embrace, they'll forever abide. Through every season, side by side, Their love's a force, they can't hide.

Like a symphony of joy and pain, Their love's a dance, a sweet refrain. With tender touches and whispered words, Their love's a song, that's never absurd.

Through laughter and tears, they'll grow strong, In love's embrace, where they belong. A love that's kindled, deep and true, In each other's hearts, they'll renew.
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